Oh Hey Autumn!

Wow, it's been a while since I left you with my insomniac thoughts, I've been a pretty busy bee. In the time since we last spoke, I've managed to film with Vouchercodes, take a trip to London with my Mom to visit Bob Bob Ricards and watch Miss Saigon, bag myself a new job...I'm leaving Topshop *sob*, plan a trip for my wedding anniversary, book a cruise to Norway and dance far too much to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off! Phew.

So as all I've been doing is moving around and bustling from place to place, I thought I'd share a 'What's in my bag?' update with you all. I could have made it look pretty, but I've chose to do a true representation of what was actually in my bag....you know because nobody actually does that, but sshhh! Autumn has finally hit down with it's beautiful misty morning, nippy winds and I have finally rejoiced, along with my Husband that I can finally start to wear all of my money again....my coat collection. The joy is real guys!

I have a heap of things to catch up with you, from changing up my garden for Autumn, investing in our flat with new things...a new bed (seriously can't wait to be able to sleep again), some seriously lustful Autumn jumpers and some fail safe winter beauty goodies. You are in for a treat! I'm on a rare day off today, so I fully intend on catching up with all of your blogs. Michelle moving to Hong Kong...whattttt!!

Anyway, here is my bag:

Broke out the Marc Jacobs that Dey bought me for our anniversary in Chicago, it is such an Autumnal colour. It doesn't fit a huge amount in, but I am known for packing my bag full of pointless crap, so it helps rein me in. It sums me up really, snacks and reading. I've been carrying my tea flask around too, my Griffindor one, obviously.

Before I go to Sleep: I literally bought this book yesterday after two friend recommendations. I haven't even read a page, so please don't spoil it. Is it just me though, or do you all hate it when they put the film cover as the book sleeve. I really can't stand that, I always try and search out the original cover. Alas, W H Smith failed me.

Honey Roasted anything doesn't need an explanation, but ask all the girls that have been here with me for a while. Autumn marks these being in my possession and why break the habit of a life time. You rule Marks and Spencer.


LG sent me their G3 to test out and I have to say I am pretty impressed. The camera is impressive and I adore the 'Magic Focus' option. It allows you to change focus of your picture, altering the depth of field. I still feel it's lacking in tone though, photo's seem over exposed and lacking in contrast compared to other cameras I've tested the same shot with. But it has a great responsive sensor that works in low light and captures fast moving objects with ease. The apparent ease of 'selfie' camera button option is great, but the front facing camera isn't as good as the iPhones...making it a bit useless, works better with a group shot. The phone as a whole is a great piece of kit though, the 5'5 screen is something I will always love and this one is crystal clear. But I will always love seeing pictures bigger, being a Photographer. It has some lovely alarm tones (I honestly appreciate that), is super responsive and sleek. The best bit? The battery life is pretty incredible....and we all need that in our lives. Overall I'd give it a 3/5.

Autumn essentials: Hand wipes and hand cream, bitter winds and flu bugs make me invest time and effort in to my hands in Autumn/Winter. I am the most paranoid person with hand cleanliness anyway, so having wipes in my bag is a must. I got on to these when I was in America, they have them at every till for $1. Multi Vitamins are a bit of a must for me, shift work see's me away from my dining room table, I get angry if I don't eat vegetables, so I top myself up with these. They probably don't work as Sheldon points out so eloquently in Big Bang!

My new favourite lipstick: Clinique sent me over a bunch of goodies and amongst them were a few of their Matte lipsticks. This is beyond my favourite colour, No.50 Matte Beauty.

So that's it, a look at my current bag contents. pretty boring, but real. 


I've had something in my head for a while and it's just sitting there, repeating itself over and over and over again. "You will never influence the world by trying to be like it." I'm currently sat here at 1a.m because I can't sleep and when I can't sleep, I write. But that phrase is all I can seem to muster, I think maybe because at the moment I am feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelmed in the sense that, I am having all of these creative ideas, am surrounded by so many creative people, and I just want to make my mark.

Lately I've been falling more and more in love with my Husband and all I want to do is make him proud of me, like I am of him. Of his drive and passion to always better himself, to be the best version of himself.

I'm trying to push myself, but free time is limited and I don't have enough go in me at the moment to squeeze every last bit of productivity out of my spare hours. Because quite frankly, most of the time, all I want to do is sleep.

My eyes are getting heavy - I fall to sleep.

It's now Sunday and it's dark again, my world forever moves forward without me noticing.

It's now Monday and it's dark again, my world forever moves forward without me noticing.

This is my life.

I started writing these thoughts on Saturday night, when my insomnia was overwhelming, it's now Monday and I still haven't finished. My life is so disjointed and erratic, having no consistency apart from work is sometimes draining. Life is full of distractions and emotions that pull my attention from one thing to another, so much that I've lost the train of thought I started this post with. So let's go back to the start...

Creativity. I have so many ideas and thoughts on a daily basis, so much so that I don't have enough notebooks to keep up. But those thoughts get constrained and suppressed because of work and sleep and life and not having enough minutes, hours, days. I love to write, I love to Photograph, I love to find new music, I love silence, I love being alone, I hate being alone, I have another thought, I don't have enough time. It's a never ending circle of thoughts ending with momentary remembrance of something I have to do or complete. I don't get enough sleep, the tiredness is overwhelming. I soak up inspiration on a daily basis from so many people and things, I am swimming in a world of amazing people who can juggle and manage their time so much better than me. I can't even find enough time to finish my morning cup of tea.

I need the tea.

Honestly, I don't even know what I'm saying. Maybe that I am really trying to be a better version of myself and that I'm not really reaching any outcomes, unless they involve searching things out in my sleep - my phone goes off, I get distracted.

My world forever moves forward without me noticing.

A New Adventure

As another month comes to an end and we enter the final third of the year, I wanted to sit here and reflect on life. At 28 I feel that I have achieved so much, but am yet to achieve what I truly want from my life. All I've ever really wanted is to be in a highly creative role. So I've decided that for the last part of the year and to set myself up for the new one, I'm starting my own business properly. I already have my brand, after extending my blog name to my Photography business. I've decided that I have all the tools to move forward and take a leap of faith in the background of my full time job. I have days where I am extremely un-happy and don't do anything about it, for my own well-being it has to stop. This blog is nearly five years old now and I have seen so many amazing girls follow their dreams and succeed in what they love and adore. I don't see, with enough dedication why I can't. So with the new year will bring a whole new chapter in From Gem With love and I really hope it pans out and blossoms. 

As Mr Emerson said 'Being yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest achievement.' I've also decided to take my blog in a new direction, I'm 28 so I feel my life and things I love and want in it have taken a more grown up turn. I live for food and interiors, so my blog will be moving away from fashion type posts. I will obviously throw in at least one a month, but I'm married, I want children, I like to cook, I don't drink, I prefer reading restaurant reviews and career advice. So my blog will focus more on these aspects. Hopefully I can refine it's design and stick with it, because I just feel it still looks mediocre and doesn't stand out.

Some of the girls I really admire are Stephanie for starting Chalk Kids, Izy and her amazing achievement with her new cookbook, Steph with her print shop, Joy and her outstanding brand Oh Joy! I could go on! So with a lot of thought, I finally decided that I will be setting up my own shop. It will contain a mixture of things, but mainly you will be able to purchase prints of my work. I'm super excited and can't wait to get started.

I would love some feedback on the idea and on what sort of prints you would all hang in your house or space. I'd also adore some feedback on things you love reading on my blog, what is your favourite type of post by me? Thanks so much for supporting me for nearly five years guys, I love you all!