25 Jan 2015

Winter Layering

Hello, are you as cold as me? This bitter weather is really starting to get me down, as much as I adore layering and knitwear. I just want to sit in the garden with the sun on my face already. Today has been a wonderful Sunday spent with my Husband. I took him for an Italian lunch and then we went for a lovely winter stroll so I could break in my amazing new wellies from Joules. They are so amazingly pretty, anyone who knows me knows that I am at my happiest in a pair of wellington boots. Especially when they have beautiful bright yellow bows on the back!

I do love layering, lately I've been especially addicted to overly huge scarves. This olive green number is actually a cape from Topshop, so a bit of a multi tasking item. Don't think I've taken it off since I bought it for £1...perks of working Boxing Day and getting a gift card from your boss. My other trusty cold barrier comes in the form of this shearling jacket from the beauts at Missguided. It is so, so warm, I just hate that it has no pockets and you can't remove the belt. It's always bothered me not having pockets in a coat....surely you always need pockets in a coat no? But it's like a quilt so I'm not really complaining.


20 Jan 2015

Hurry up payday!

Apart from lusting after this pinafore dress with a heartbeat as strong as it's plaid, I've found myself online searching more than I have in a very long time this month. I think it's because I haven't really bought myself much since October. That is a long time for a girl to go without treating herself. I don't think it helps that I've really got back in to reading fashion blogs, and all the girls look insane. So I'm sitting here watching the snow and thought I'd share my shopping list with you. I literally can't wait until Friday!
1. This pelmet skirt caught my eye when I went in to Topshop Sunday, it's really pretty in real life. I love a bit of grey marl, it goes with anything colour wise. The length might be a bit of an issue, but I could always see if they offer it in tall.

2. Topshop make-up is amongst my favourite, their lips department will always get a high recommendation from me. This lip polish in Harness is such a lovely pink, I always find fuchsia bases suit my skin tone. They seem to last throughout the day and at £8 I think it's reasonably priced.

3. Boden have some lovely nightwear and these polka dot beauties are just the right amount of 'spring is coming' I'll take anything that makes dark mornings feel a little bit brighter.

4. I absolutely adore this phone case from Thyme is Honey, it contains my favourite colour combination grey and peach. I love the marble and wood effects, it's just pretty and slick.

5. Olivia Burton is a very much lusted after watch brand. I've got three watches that I adore now, but my Daniel Wellington is on it's way out and I need another tan watch. I went to see this in real life on Sunday, after lusting online only. Oh it's beautiful and I need it.

6. This collarless cape blazer from Lavish Alice looks amazing on the model and I adore navy. I think it's a really cool idea and spin on the androgynous trend that all the girls are rocking.

What are you all wishing for on payday? 


12 Jan 2015

Why we should stop defining our own happiness by other people's.

Ok, so I deleted my last blog post. Mainly because my Husband read it and went a bit mad, he said I was painting myself as a completely different human to the one I actually am. And after re-reading it and a very articulate young lady commenting, I realised I hadn't wrote it from the point of view I meant. A bit like when I say something and it comes out in the completely wrong tone that I intended. So I would like to thank both Dale and that reader. Now, let's try again shall we?

We are all guilty of that old chestnut 'life envy' aren't we, I was having a discussion on Twitter earlier with one of my all time favourite writers and bloggers Hannah Gale. She admitted that she had un-followed blogger friends on Twitter because they had made her feel low, fat and unsuccessful. Even though she admitted that she knows people's lives on social media are mainly constructed, it was still an eye opener for me to hear that from a woman who comes across very confident, clever and like she has a good grip on where she wants to be in life.

I think she is a great example to prove that no matter how much we value and appreciate our own lives, we continually compare ourselves to others. We measure our own happiness against other people's level of happiness. Now I don't believe that feeling and what it emotes will ever completely leave us, with just how much we rely on social media as a society. But maybe we can all make small steps in trying to appreciate and look at our own lives from a different perspective. Trying to prove our lives are perfect with the help of a small square and 140 characters is well, extremely hard. I think remembering just how great our lives are, can simply get lost under an abundance of super pretty desk set-ups and people that manage to travel like they have nothing mundane and boring to do in their lives. I think what we need to remember is, life is amazing and we can create our own version of happiness. There has been points in my life where I never thought I would be happy or successful. My family used to be so poor that all we could afford to eat was rice flavoured with chicken stock cubes, we couldn't afford much gas, so would sit in a quilt. I got in to uni, I screwed it up, now I work in a shop. But I've worked my arse off in that shop and got promotion after promotion! Most days I think I am truly un-happy and then I come home to my own little space of the world and my husband walks through the door and makes me smile.

I am so lucky and so are you, you are healthy hopefully, you have a roof over your head, hopefully, you have people that love you, hopefully. The world is a wide space and we are all entitled to make our own movements in it. It doesn't matter that you haven't got a desk space that looks like something out of Pinterest (I'm currently sitting at my dining table.) It doesn't matter that you haven't been abroad lately, experiences are what you make them. Drive to Cornwall, collect the Sun holiday vouchers, buy a bikini from Primark and rock it like it's Cavalli. Who gives a shit really?

Comparing yourself to others is completely and utterly human, but doing it constantly is un-healthy. We should be embracing good points about ourselves, what we've achieved, what we are great at. It's good to remember that the people that live their lives threw promoting such perfection on places such as Instagram, need peoples reactions and jealousy to actually make them feel better. They might be lacking self confidence, a compliment makes everyone feel better. I've had people actually un-follow me if I upload a selfie..it hurt a bit at first and was quite bewildering. But I got over it, I feel that we put so much emphasis on numbers these days. I am guilty of it too, as expressed in my deleted post if read. Measuring your self esteem by the amount of Instagram or Twiiter followers you have isn't great. Maybe we should all try and look at measuring it by how many people we make smile every day, or how many people make us smile.

You have qualities that the person or 'persona' you are comparing yourself too doesn't have. Because you are you and you are original. There is nobody else in the world like you, so why are you trying to change that and make your life look the same as everyone else's? Stand out from the crowd, buy your own flowers, eat lunch by yourself and don't Instagram it. Trust the timing of your life, remember things will happen when they are meant to and after some hard work. Remember that nobody is perfect, we all have down days, days where we look like we've been dragged through a bush *puts hands up*. It's normal, but have a day off from comparing. Write a list about all the happy things in your life, it'll make you feel better.

As long as you have love from someone, food and are warm when you need to be...that in itself is someone's very definition of perfect. Support your friends, support other women, support yourself.

Be happy. 
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