Lounge Inspiration

In the new year I really want to re-decorate our lounge and have been collecting inspiration for a while now. Working with Voucher Codes on their student budget campaign really made me get back in to interiors and working with textures. The one thing I have always wanted to achieve in our home, is for it to be fun and original, along with a mixture of cosy and I think fabrics are key to cosiness.

My main aim is to get a new sofa and finally get some proper curtains, because we haven't had any the whole time Dey has lived in the flat and I never had any before he moved in. So, when The Natural Curtain Company asked me to create my dream living room – with curtains and the fabric of them as the focal point to inspire the room design – I was really keen to get involved. At the moment my main colour story I adore is grey, mustard, pink and copper. Which may sound disgusting, but if you look at it in moderation like within the pictures below, it can look fresh and warm at the same time. Our lounge is the brightest room in our flat, we don't have any front windows, so all our light is at the back and side of the flat. Light is a huge deal for me and when we eventually move, that will be the main element I look for. I think that's why I gravitate towards brighter and cooler colours. 

I absolutely adore copper lighting at the moment (love these ones), the light above was achieved with copper spray paint. Obviously a much cheaper alternative, that still looks just as effective. Along with lighting, a nook is high up on my list, something I don't particularly know how to achieve with the limited space we have. I could probably get away with it if we changed our dining table to a round version but we'll see. I just love the idea of having my own seat to curl up in and read a book, or drink a cup of tea in by the window.

Another element that I want to introduce more of, is shelving. I think it's a great space saver and I love displaying all of my art and photographs. Shelf styling is a whole other ball game and it's amazing that there are actually tutorials on how to do it correctly. I suppose it does become a whole when you stand back and look at it though and finding the right balance is key. I just wish I had an open fire, every time I visit my Mom's house I lust for one. They just make everything feel more homely, it's just not the same with radiators. What inspires your home decor? Do you have a Pinterest board I could follow?

An Autumnal Anniversary

Told you I'd be back and I brought Autumn along with me, how nice of me! So Sunday marked one whole year of marriage and we decided to head to Cardiff after the guys at the Park Plaza offered to host us and treat us to their Pink Afternoon Tea in support of Breast Cancer. With the charity being extremely close to my heart, after my Grams beat the disease, I decided it would be great to go and see what it was about. Cardiff is super pretty and our hotel was situated near the castle and it's park, so you can safely say I was very happy. Especially as Autumn had well and truly got under way on all of those tree's and there was a lot.

The Park Plaza was a very welcoming hotel, we had a fantastically huge bed and everything was super clean. The guys who served us to afternoon tea were extremely polite and accommodating, I would definitely recommend going there for a spot of tea. If you miss October they have a different range of Afternoon Tea, including a new Gentleman's tea that involves mini steak ciabatta's. Steak is enough for me, don't know about you guys. Sorry I don't have more pictures of the tea set up, but the lighting wasn't great. But trust me, the salmon sandwiches and scones were divine.

Yep that's three sets of pillows, HUGE bed. It was really nice to get away from Birmingham for a little while. We managed to have a lovely dinner at a Sushi place they I would highly recommend if you are in Cardiff called Yakitori. We had absolutely no phone reception and it was nice to just sit and enjoy amazing food with my Husband. If you go, make sure to indulge in the Prawn Dumpling Soup...I liked it that much I asked for the recipe. I didn't get it. Overall I had a lovely weekend and really enjoyed how friendly and polite everyone I met in Cardiff seemed to be. Go Wales! Thanks to the lovely folk at the Park Plaza for being so lush.

Jumper- Sugarhill Boutique - Coat- Primark - Hat- H&M


All right loves? Thought I'd drop in and pick up the mood a little, sharing my heart proved very therapeutic and I want to thank you from the bottom of it for all of the emails and kind messages I received. Not only was it amazingly brave of you to share those stories with me, it was kind...so thank you and I hope exposing something a little raw helped a few of you feel less alone too.

Apart from listening to the new Ben Howard album, I've been consuming my weight in all sorts of bad foods...coconut gelato in the bath anyone? No? Just me then. Here is an outfit that I wore to afternoon tea for my wedding anniversary, which was yesterday. I can't even explain how quickly that year has gone, we headed to Cardiff and had a wonderful time. I'll share more of that later in the week with you though. 

I picked up this Zara tapestry dress whilst in London with my Mom, she made me buy it because she couldn't get her size. I don't regret it though, even if Olivia looks a million times better in it than me. It's a little short and I can't particularly lean, let alone bend forward, but the colours are so autumnal and I love the pattern. I paired it with my trusty ASOS hat, Topshop gilet &bag and Deichmann boots. Deichmann are actually running a competition to win a trip to Milan for you and a friend up until the 31st October, you simply have to upload a pic of your shoes to Instagram with the hashtag #adayinmydeichmanns for a chance to win. I would like one of you to stop me buying hats and scarves now please, I think I have bought at least five in the past few months. This camel Zara beauty could not be left in the shop though....SNUGGLY.