Christmas Table Inspiration

As today marks two weeks until Christmas, I thought I would share some festive table setting ideas with you. Maybe you are hosting your first Christmas in a new home this year, or you've decided to not venture out to family and have your own little Christmas with your closest. Either way, I have some great ideas for you. For me, bringing a bit of the outside in key. The smells are amazing, it encaptures the essence of the season and you can probably knock something up pretty cheap.

I've always loved a rustic theme and I used this for my wedding table, anything with wood, cinnamon and rich. warming colours are always beautiful for a table at this time of year. Berries are easy to pick, you can find holly or fern cones all around you. It's nice to get creative, last year I made my own door reef and I couldn't have been prouder.

If you lead an extremely busy life (*coughs*) and don't have enough spare time to sit and create your own, you can pick up things like this stunning arrangement from one of my favourite florists AppleYard London. The smell is absolutely our of this world and has lasted the entire week! I would put this in the center of my table and then extend the theme out with more wood, fern and candle filled jars. You can grab 40% off AppleYard by using BLOG40 at Checkout. Seriously don't you just love Christmas?

I absolutely adore the mini pot and candle idea below, so simple yet effective. If you don't want to include flowers on your Christmas table, this is such a pretty alternative. The tray filled with jam jars is just as stunning and would also look great on a coffee table. I just wish that it was feasible to have a table like this all year round. Everything is so much cosier when it's Winter, I become such a home bod. I think it's the gardener in me, I just love the outdoors. So bringing a bit of that inside makes me so happy. What are you doing for your Christmas table? Do you have any cool ideas to share?

Christmas for Home Lovers

As I've gotten that little bit older, my taste in gifting have changed. I always think that Christmas is mainly for the smaller children and the magic that create with it. Once you get to the grand old age of 28, you would just rather swap anything for a day off and are more interested in the food than the presents. If I do get asked if I want anything, I tend to center it around the home now...or a cheeky lipstick or two. I've gathered some superb gifts in this post that would be great for any home lover or awkward turtle to buy for. I've even included some more grown up Christmas tree decorations, I hope you like it. 

Flowers are a great gift if you really have no idea what to buy a Mother-in-Law, Aunt or colleague. They are also fab if someone is kindly cooking you Christmas lunch, I always turn up with flowers if I'm not the one struggling with hot pans all day. If a male is cooking, then a nice bottle of after dinner brandy might be a nice touch for all that hard work. Debenhams have a great selection of Christmas flowers at the moment, featured here is Designer Velvet Rose and they have kindly offered my readers a 25% discount on all of their ranges apart from flowers by post. Just input the code DFBLOG25 at checkout.

Anthropologie is my favourite store on the planet, I have 6 teacups from there, a rolling pin, a spoon holder, a bookend and a sugar bowl. I could spend my entire life in that store and absolutely love it when I visit America and stock up. They kindly sent me some Christmas decorations to hang on my tree. The bauble above and the feather a few photo's down are my favourite of the four. They have a great selection and the site is most certainly worth a visit. I know a lot of bloggers love the brand and I actually wasn't aware they did decs. Now I'm just going to list the entire store catalogue for Santa!

Kitchenalia and Modern Country are great books to give as gifts, both published by Jacqui Small. Great for thrifty and homely people alike, especially if your friends or family are huge on Interiors. I absolutely love the styling in the photography. I just think they are a great gift and coffee table addition. 

Neom will forever be my favourite candle brand and they have released two new scents for Christmas, with equally festive packaging. Christmas Wish is a beautiful blend of Mandarin and Cinnamon and will fill any home with the smell of Christmas in no time. They make a great gift as their burning in time is pretty much forever.

Finally, the wonder that is Rooi and their magnificent cushions! They have a great range of beautiful home decor, but I was particularly taken with these cushions from their Vintage Collection. They are huge, squishy and extremely well made. A superb gift for anyone that loves anything statement, they remind me of the sort of cushions Steph would have on her bed!

I hope you liked my collection of homeware gifts and I've given you a bit of inspiration for sites to visit. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Lounge Inspiration

In the new year I really want to re-decorate our lounge and have been collecting inspiration for a while now. Working with Voucher Codes on their student budget campaign really made me get back in to interiors and working with textures. The one thing I have always wanted to achieve in our home, is for it to be fun and original, along with a mixture of cosy and I think fabrics are key to cosiness.

My main aim is to get a new sofa and finally get some proper curtains, because we haven't had any the whole time Dey has lived in the flat and I never had any before he moved in. So, when The Natural Curtain Company asked me to create my dream living room – with curtains and the fabric of them as the focal point to inspire the room design – I was really keen to get involved. At the moment my main colour story I adore is grey, mustard, pink and copper. Which may sound disgusting, but if you look at it in moderation like within the pictures below, it can look fresh and warm at the same time. Our lounge is the brightest room in our flat, we don't have any front windows, so all our light is at the back and side of the flat. Light is a huge deal for me and when we eventually move, that will be the main element I look for. I think that's why I gravitate towards brighter and cooler colours. 

I absolutely adore copper lighting at the moment (love these ones), the light above was achieved with copper spray paint. Obviously a much cheaper alternative, that still looks just as effective. Along with lighting, a nook is high up on my list, something I don't particularly know how to achieve with the limited space we have. I could probably get away with it if we changed our dining table to a round version but we'll see. I just love the idea of having my own seat to curl up in and read a book, or drink a cup of tea in by the window.

Another element that I want to introduce more of, is shelving. I think it's a great space saver and I love displaying all of my art and photographs. Shelf styling is a whole other ball game and it's amazing that there are actually tutorials on how to do it correctly. I suppose it does become a whole when you stand back and look at it though and finding the right balance is key. I just wish I had an open fire, every time I visit my Mom's house I lust for one. They just make everything feel more homely, it's just not the same with radiators. What inspires your home decor? Do you have a Pinterest board I could follow?