17 Apr 2015

A Heart to Heart

Being pregnant isn't easy. There I said it, if that makes me appear ungrateful of my blessing; I apologise, from the bottom of my heart I do. Pregnancy brings along many emotions, your hormones are all over the place and sharing the experience with people that either haven't been pregnant before or are male and will never get to experience it...well it can make you feel a little lonely. Let's say some days you feel a little fragile, like if someone says the simplest of things, you might break like a cheap Poundland mug.

It's such an overwhelming experience, you feel so amazingly happy and sort of shit at the same time. You look out for hero moments...like, yes I can still do my own shoes up or the fact that someone hasn't pointed out how 'huge' you are that day. You become over sensitive, over tired, over bearing, easily annoyed, your back hurts, you itch all of the time, you snap at people for no reason, you want to cry for the most stupid things.

It's hard. But it's so beautiful.

So I'm just admitting that, however much I wouldn't change it for the universe...I still get moaners guilt. I know how difficult it is to be so overwhelmingly consumed with getting pregnant and it simply not happening, so to admit that this thing isn't easy. To admit to moaning about it, well it just makes me feel bad. But you know, I'm only human. It's so frustrating when people don't understand, when they think sciatica is just a bit of back pain, to see you crying and still not try and support you. It's hard to see it from the none pregnant view when you are so consumed with being the pregnant one. Today I've spent the afternoon in bed after being sent home from work with tears rolling down my cheeks, and not being able to walk at a speed faster than a snail crawl. I've cried and I've napped and I've become a bit too emotionally attached to a hot water bottle. Yet the other day I felt like the most beautiful, healthy pregnant woman in the whole world. Pregnancy is a roller coaster. But you know, people have more important things to worry about. I mean Zayn shaved his head and that...

I've read two articles about pregnancy from Facebook this week, one was a woman who basically had over enlarged abs instead of a baby bump, and the other was about how a woman completely over shared every move of her babies life on social media. To the point where her friends wrote her a very stern letter to just STOP IT. But you know what, out of everything, all the meetings, midwives, doctors, gifted things...nobody has given me a handbook. Because there aren't any rules to this parent and pregnancy thing right? I am petrified, I don't know what to do when my baby girl arrives. What do I do when I get home from the hospital? What cry means hungry or I've poo'd my pants? What will my body look like after I've had the baby? Will my Husband still find my foof attractive? WHAT DO I DO?!

So however much my heart explodes when I feel my baby girl kick, there are still days like today when for five minutes I wish I just felt human. 

12 Apr 2015

A Summer Garden

This weather has made me want to start making head way with the garden now, It's hard this year as I am having to rely on Dey for all the manual labour. He isn't the biggest fan of gardening, so I feel pretty bad. Me on the other hand, I absolutely love it and it's pretty frustrating not being able to spend hours doing all the things I usually do. I planted some spring bulbs last year that the guys over at Plant Me Now sent me and was going to show you how they were getting on, but then the weather decided to take a turn. So I've heaped together a bunch of inspiration containing some of my favourite flowers and what I'm hoping to achieve with my summer bedding plants.

Anemone's are one of my favourite flowers, I even had them in my wedding bouquet. I also love wild flowers and have sprinkled some seeds in the longer grass that we leave to grow wild. I really do love a cottage style garden, I really appreciate having outdoor space even though we have a flat. I'm just sad that we have to leave and might have to get a flat with no garden. I hope that my baby girl loves gardening and being outdoors as much as me, I can't wait to buy her, her first pair of wellies.
Next step for us is buying a Bbq so we can 'grill out' like Dey's brother in America, asparagus on a Bbq is insanely amazing! I'd most certainly love to have a garden with a tree so I could build me my daughter a swing. If one day I have an entry way with rambling roses like the one above, then I will be a very happy woman. Now if I can just master a non alcoholic Pina Colada recipe, we're all set!

/All images via Pinterest. 

9 Apr 2015

Baby Girl: Nursery Inspiration

Now that I am passed the half way point of my pregnancy, I've started thinking about our little girls nursery. At this current moment in time, we only have a one bedroom flat, but we are looking to move soon. I want the room to be a mixture of modern interior, with younger elements coming from accessories, so the room can grow along with her. Me and Dey both agree that we don't want her to have an overly 'girly' room, so we won't be painting anything pink. I do love having a pink element though, so the colour pallet I was thinking of was grey, blush and copper.

I want the room to have an element of 'fun' as well as being comfortable. I love this apple pillow from GiGi Brooks. Artwork from Nicole Pletts, drawers from Ikea, rounded cot from John Lewis, beautiful apple pouffe from Rowen & Wren, Moon print from Etsy. I think it's easy to get so carried away with inspiration when you have so many resources on Pinterest, but I'm hoping to keep it calm and add pops of colour with artwork and displaying all of her books that her Daddy buys her...he's started already!

Do any of you have any recommendations of retailers for children? If you do share them in the comments or tweet me @fromgemwithlove.
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