26 Jul 2015

My Style Evolution

After officially putting on two stone in this pregnancy, my style has had to adapt. Trying to stay true to the way I usually dress has been a challenge I've sometimes enjoyed and become frustrated with. Now officially holding too much water, especially in my legs...look at that swelling, it's a beaut. I have officially had to ditch my maternity jeans and nearly every pair of shoes I own. But however much I've wanted to live in my pants and trust me, that has been a lot. I've tried to adapt my style and not have to wear too many maternity clothes.

Marks and Spencer asked me too choose a few key 'must have' pieces for this milestone in my life and I am starting off proceedings with something I feel every woman should own, pregnant or not: The Smock Dress. Not only is this limited edition dress on trend, it's comfortable, especially if you eat as much as me. The flared sleeves give it a feminine quality and the sewn seem is in just the right place for bump, I mean this is a size 10! Plaid is also huge right now and will carry you through to A/w so a great investment piece and I'm sure I will be wearing it a heap after this pregnancy is over.

I've also chosen a butter soft suede trench coat which I will be showing you in another post. A little touch of luxury, that will hopefully help me feel a million dollars when I look like an over tired new Mother. A classic with a new spin in suede and I can't wait to wrap it around me with a huge scarf in those early Autumn days. I can honestly say that pregnancy style has made me feel both self concious and self confident at different moments in time. I got a lot of smiles in this dress today and it made me feel a lit more uplifted in spirits. Only being able to waddle everywhere and worrying if my waters are going to break in the middle of the Bullring is pretty daunting to say the least.

I hope you have liked following my fashion journey over these past nine months and that I have given you a little bit of inspiration along the way. Becoming pregnant doesn't mean you have to give up on your fashion personality. A simple amount of adapting and finding styles that will suit you with a bump and without are a great investment. You don't have to live in leggings, even if you really, really want to!

Be sure to log on to M&S this week and check out some other bloggers who teamed up with the brand to offer styling advice through their milestones.

Update: The Smock Dress is unfortunately now sold out online, find it in store!


24 Jul 2015

The Daily: Fashion Edition

In a world filled with online wonder women, it is seriously hard not to find inspiration. I become more and more impressed each day, with their dedication, individuality and creativity. It is hard to stand out from the crowd sometimes, but these guys do it with ease. I thought I'd start a series showcasing all of my favourite blogging women, from fashion, business guru's, interiors and food. Today I'm sharing a few of my favourite fashion females...

Imagery has always been a huge pull for me when reading blogs, I know that I'm a Photographer but it just makes me linger longer. A few of these girls are very lucky to have some amazingly talented other halves shooting their images though! I adore their consistency, how they can make a simple item look incredible and basically the fact that they come off as mega babes online. Having so much success and remaining down to earth is no mean feat.

Find them here: Olivia, Audrey, Carrie, Julia, Amy, Sydney

Olivia is not only model beautiful, seriously check her out in Now magazine right...now. She can bake ultimate cakes, makes a simple smock look a million dollars and is one of the nicest people I've stumbled across on the internet. Her blog has a mixture of fashion, food and tips that will not only make you want to whip up a strawberry sponge, but you'll be doing it in the latest flats. A mini Mary Berry in a better apron.

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Audrey speaks to my heart, that may seem like a bold statement but I have read her blog for five years now and I just love that woman. She shares her soul and puts her heart in to her blog, I've always admired people that share so much with such bravery. Her words resonate with me on a regular basis and if I could genuinely move to Barcelona to be her girl pal, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Her imagery is and has always been one of my favourites in the blogging world. Also hats off to any girl that can make simple highstreet look designer, she also climbs trees: legend.

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Carrie I've loved Carrie's blog for a number of years now and it has been so lovely to follow her journey. She ventured in to YouTube this year, and with the help of her very talented Miguel makes dream worthy mini movies you have to check out! Her travels make me want to pack my bags and jump on a plane and she'll make you wish wish wish you could pose just like her in front of the camera.

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Julia is the ultimate American dream girl. I've been reading her blog on and off for years, but have really started to love it this year. I absolutely adore her fashion sense and if I could, would dress like her always. She en captures so much wanderlust in her imagery and her blog is so lovely to navigate around.

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Amy is a super stylish Scot who can not only sing like an Angel, is the queen of sunglasses, leather jackets and being able to make head scarves look super chic. With her huge blue eyes and ultimate dream hair, she will make you want to buy everything she owns. If you don't want to go sunglass shopping after reading her blog, I salute your control.

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Sydney I found Sydney's blog so many years ago now, I've watched her announce the arrival of two beautiful children, move, be separated from her Husband whilst he goes to school and then be reunited. She types words with such honesty and has always inspired me with the way she approaches motherhood. Even way back when and I wasn't even thinking about children, she is super stylish with an effortlessness not many could impersonate. She has remained one of my favourites for years and I check her blog every day to see if she has posted new content.

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20 Jul 2015

Beauty & The Bump

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, but I thought I would leave it until quite late on just in case I added more or decided something was pants. I've managed to get to nearly full term with no stretch marks at all and I genuinely think that is down to a combination of these products and sticking to a good diet. Ok, so I may indulge in pizza at least once a week but I have eaten very well all the way through. Below are a number of things that have helped keep my skin in shape or genuinely made me feel good about myself. 

My honest advice for pregnancy is to drink a lot of water, at first I hated it but then I genuinely started to notice that it would make me feel better. Not only does it help digestion, it helps swerve headaches, helps with swelling and your skin. The next tip I would suggest is, take your vitamins, moisturise a heap and get as much rest as you can fit in.

I'm quite lucky in the sense that I never had sickness, just nausea and I haven't craved extremely fatty foods. They do say that what you crave, is what your diet is lacking. At the beginning of pregnancy I craved meat, so was obviously lacking in protein and iron. With my 28 week bloods, she told me my iron count had only dropped by 4, it is common for women to drop 26 counts in pregnancy and she put that down to me eating very well *winks*.

Products pictured above:

Hydréa Dry Brush; I got this because my circulation was starting to bother me, along with cellulite that unfortunately gets worse in pregnancy. Because of all the extra weight on your legs, you start to notice it a lot more than you would pre-pregnancy. Apparently it sorts itself out afterwards, but I've noticed the dry brush is really helping. It is really making a difference in these later stages of pregnancy and dispersing all the white blotches you get with poor circulation.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Balm; My favourite lip product of all time, it really does save every aspect of lip problems and it lasts a super long time. I think my last pot lasted me an entire year, so it is worth the £20 price tag.

Clinique Even Better Moisturiser; A skin saver, through all weather. This helps correct uneven skin tone, I've read that a lot of women can experience this as a side effect of pregnancy. This has been my moisturiser for a long time now, so I simply continued using it. But it really soaks in to my skin and doesn't leave it oily.

Neom Scent To Sleep Intensive Skin Treatment Candle; I read on Steph's blog that lavender really helped her in pregnancy, I believe she even took some essential oils in to labour with her. I've been having real trouble sleeping lately and the smell of lavender is so calming. This candle is a dual tool too, you can use the melted oils to treat your skin. Mega bonus!

L'occitane Rose Hand Cream; Not only have I been washing my hands religiously, but they have also been very dry. This has always been my favourite hand cream, thick and creamy but doesn't take ages to soak in and dry. I keep one in the car and one in the house.

Bio Oil;  An obvious choice for pregnancy, I haven't been using it religiously as I find it takes a while to soak in to my skin. But it does work wonders and the smell is divine.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask; My friends bought me this for my birthday back in May, every time I use it, I wake up and think 'Wow, my skin is so soft!' It soaks in lovely and a little goes a long way. Great product if your skin is lacking in moisture and you want a little pick me up.

Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream; A gift from the guys at John Lewis when I went to their nursery event. In fact I got an insane pamper hamper from them and I am so grateful, because this cream is a wonder product and I genuinely think it has really helped with pregnancy skin. It's thick, smells lovely and really treats skin, I keep it in the fridge for those extra itchy days.
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