A New Adventure

As another month comes to an end and we enter the final third of the year, I wanted to sit here and reflect on life. At 28 I feel that I have achieved so much, but am yet to achieve what I truly want from my life. All I've ever really wanted is to be in a highly creative role. So I've decided that for the last part of the year and to set myself up for the new one, I'm starting my own business properly. I already have my brand, after extending my blog name to my Photography business. I've decided that I have all the tools to move forward and take a leap of faith in the background of my full time job. I have days where I am extremely un-happy and don't do anything about it, for my own well-being it has to stop. This blog is nearly five years old now and I have seen so many amazing girls follow their dreams and succeed in what they love and adore. I don't see, with enough dedication why I can't. So with the new year will bring a whole new chapter in From Gem With love and I really hope it pans out and blossoms. 

As Mr Emerson said 'Being yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest achievement.' I've also decided to take my blog in a new direction, I'm 28 so I feel my life and things I love and want in it have taken a more grown up turn. I live for food and interiors, so my blog will be moving away from fashion type posts. I will obviously throw in at least one a month, but I'm married, I want children, I like to cook, I don't drink, I prefer reading restaurant reviews and career advice. So my blog will focus more on these aspects. Hopefully I can refine it's design and stick with it, because I just feel it still looks mediocre and doesn't stand out.

Some of the girls I really admire are Stephanie for starting Chalk Kids, Izy and her amazing achievement with her new cookbook, Steph with her print shop, Joy and her outstanding brand Oh Joy! I could go on! So with a lot of thought, I finally decided that I will be setting up my own shop. It will contain a mixture of things, but mainly you will be able to purchase prints of my work. I'm super excited and can't wait to get started.

I would love some feedback on the idea and on what sort of prints you would all hang in your house or space. I'd also adore some feedback on things you love reading on my blog, what is your favourite type of post by me? Thanks so much for supporting me for nearly five years guys, I love you all! 

Boston Tea Party

Honestly? There aren't many places I like to go in Birmingham. I don't drink, so the night scene doesn't appeal to me...it's rubbish anyway. The shopping is Ok, but once you've been to the Bullring once, you've been a thousand times. The only thing we really offer in the Midlands, is a set of decent places to eat. Dale introduced me to the Boston Tea Party the day I passed my theory test, he found it on Trip Advisor and a new love was born. It's tucked away by the law courts, close to Aston University and it offers breakfast all day. Do I really have to say much more? You can get pancakes and bacon at any time of day guys! It reminds me of something you would find in America or London, it has a hint of Bills crossed with an independent American coffee diner.

I always opt for 'Sourdough Eggy Bread', because it has everything I love; Bacon, avocado, tomatoes and heat from Tabasco. I could eat it at any point of day and with it being a breakfast option, I can. Dey had a burger, they offer great options like Pulled Pork, Jerk Chicken and other combinations. Prices are reasonable, although I feel the juices are a tad overpriced.

The service is Ok, we felt that table service should be stepped up a little. Mainly with the drinks side of things. If you order tea and coffee, you have to wait at the end of the till like Starbucks and really I feel if you are ordering a whole tray of drinks, they should maybe bring them over to you. All in all the vibe is laid back and staff are polite but not friendly. They don't really make a lot of effort to talk to you, I guess because I work in retail I notice that more than anyone. Food is lovely though, toilets are clean and the interiors are amongst some of my favourites. It's a lovely place to visit if you're in town and after something different to eat, they have booths and lovely wooden tables to sip your coffee at.

Best part? They offer a Boston cup of tea...sorry I just had to (sorry if you don't get that un-Midland folk.)


Trench & Stripes

There are days when I don't want to fuss with my outfit, I've always loved simple things mixed with statement pieces. Me and Dey were just having a lazy day running errands and this is what I threw on, slouchy Breton jumper, scallop shorts, boots, my new fedora and my trench. I added a pop of colour with one of my new lipsticks I mentioned yesterday, this one is Bourjois No.5. My Longchamp Le Pliage is my trusty throw everything in bag and I am so glad I bought one, it's so resilient to everything.

Bracelets are from Tiffany and Pandora at Joshua James, absolutely adore my teapot charm they sent, can't wait to add to my collection. Desperately want a watering can and paint pot, I think charms are a great way of showing off your personality. My hat is from ASOS, shorts are Topshop, Jumper (similar here), Trench and Boots are all H&M, who I am loving lately! What are you all doing with your bank holiday weekend? I am so happy I've actually got it off, plan on heading to Boston Tea Party tomorrow and indulging in some pancakes with bacon!