Words and photography by Gem Morson.

Nexus 5

I really love this phone, it's light, has an amazing screen, is the perfect size, has a lot of cool tricks. But it's not for me. After using it for over two weeks, I just simply can't survive with the camera. It is shockingly bad, in my opinion anyway. The focus is awful, the saturation of pictures is lacking, the only time it excels is in vast light and in the winter months...well it isn't around in buckets is it? It renders cool features like built in 360 degree app's useless. Being a professional Photographer, I want to rely on my phone to take equally great pictures..it's just not up to the mark.

It's such a shame, if you can get over that it is a pretty incredible little gadget. Especially if like me, you are a bit of a Google fan girl. I swipe to the right and all my blogs are there within a click, news, emails. Instagram has a bigger, clearer screen, it is fast, responsive light and clean. If I could put all iPhone technology in to this handset, it would make the perfect companion. But unfortunately I can't and the phone is lacking. iMessage is an incredible and vast technology, Google hangout just doesn't feel the same. Is that because I'm so used to it, maybe. I guess if a lot more of my friends and family used Google hangout, I'd feel differently?

Apparently a lot of people feel the same about the camera technology, it was supposed to be fixed with a firmware update...it hasn't been. It's so frustrating and really quite sad that Nexus are missing out on a single and socially paramount technology. With a world that speaks through the power of images, it really lets the phone down and the main reason I didn't take to the phone. Lets hope they quickly rectify the issue. I'm going to keep giving it a go and see if I can integrate it in to my life a bit more.

The thing I can commend Nexus on is the split second response, I feel it reacts much quicker than the iPhone. It also has a longer battery life, something we all crave no? That swipe to read blogs is just, it's great. Oh Nexus, I guess in a world of smartphones you are the Howard of Big Bang, clever but not quite a Doctor.

//Phone sent to me for review by the tech lovers of Carphone Warehouse


  1. Waa Gem, the Nexus 5 camera update came out this week and now I finally love mine after weeks of pining after my old Samsung Galaxy S3! (:

    1. I updated my software today and I still feel it's as rubbish? Unless I've done something wrong? xxx


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