Words and photography by Gem Morson.

The Balcony

Last week I got invited to try a sample selection of the menu at The Balcony in Selfridges Birmingham. A new venture by Searcys and the second new build after The REP. Replacing the Moét bar on the fourth floor of Selfridges, The Balcony is a light, airy and comfortable brasserie where you can look out on to the bustling shoppers below.

Serving up club sandwich martini's, trio of sliders, including the mouthwatering squid and chorizo. Duck, honey and soy salad, amazing monkfish curry that I could eat for the rest of my life and quite possibly the most amazing virgin pomegranate cocktail ever made. Named the delightful 'Passion Must' it is a combination of fresh passion fruit, apple juice, pomegranate and lime. Prices are extremely reasonable when you realise the kitchen has been set up by the outstanding Paul Wellburn.

The clam chowder was a touch to strong for my palette and the club martini was just a tad too out there, I would most certainly return again and again. Gone is the pretentious air the Moét bar had surrounding it, replaced with a comfortable atmosphere that is perfect for a date or a lunch with your friends.

If you pay it a visit, I highly recommend the deconstructed eaton mess and the duck, simply sublime. Check out the menu and prices here, I'm quite proud the Bullring has pulled out the stops. Not only is it now a perfect shopping destination, there is now a great place to grab lunch. Yo Sushi, Mulberry and The Balcony...I don't think I will ever need to venture outside of Selfridges again.

Congratulations Searcys, another triumph.


  1. I saw a lot of photos of this on Instagram, and it was all so mouth-watering! Looks like an amazing place to dine! x

  2. I get invited to ALL the wrong things. Looks lovely!

  3. Ooooo the food sounds delicious Gem!

  4. oh wow, that all looks amazing and the salad sounds sooo good xx

  5. This sounds amazing, especially that salad!

    Maria xxx


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