Diamond Jewelry – A Woman’s Guide

pave diamond ring

Please, please, please!!! do not expect a guy to read your mind as to what you want! I’ve talked with way too many guys that have girlfriends who haven’t given them any information because they feel that the guy should magically understand what they want or somehow he should surprise her!

HELLLLLOOO? Guys are normally kind of dense to begin with, and you expect them to pick up on some subtle hints as to what you want! You won’t end up being surprised, you will more likely be disappointed!

I have 5 sisters and 3 brothers, a nice Irish Catholic family, and I learned at a very early age that if I didn’t speak up I would end up being overlooked.

Ladies, if you want something, tell him!!! My wife lets it be known what she wants, and so she ends up with most everything she wants (however I don’t know if she’ll ever end up with that husband who is 6’2″, 185 Lbs, and drop dead gorgeous… that ship has already sailed!).

If you want a Princess Cut, about a 3/4 carat, in a finger size 6.75, and in white gold…. please let it be known!